History: Daraja of Love Inc. was established in 2018 to positively impact the lives of individuals and communities facing challenges such as poverty, illiteracy, and poor health. Since then, the non-profit has grown in size and impact, serving thousands of individuals across the United States and beyond.

Programs and Services: Daraja of Love Inc. offers a wide range of programs and services to address the root causes of poverty and empower individuals to achieve their full potential. These programs include:


(Family, Advocacy, Cultural, Education)

Daraja of Love Inc. is a 501(C)(3) charitable nonprofit organization purposed to provide relief to impoverished or underserved communities by providing viable and supportive programming that offers education, social services, and essential necessities (food, clothing, etc.) aimed to improve the overall quality of life for individuals and families.  Although Daraja’s primary target audience are those within the Essex County, New Jersey area. Daraja will also engage in social outreach to communities in Ghana (Africa).

Community Service

Community Service is designed to identify a specific need in the community and provide services to the people who need it.

Maternal Care Program / Nursery Hub Pantry (Coming Soon!)

By providing an array of resources such as educational tools, infant-health support, and individualized nurturing plans that improves the well-being of both the new mother and their child. The Nursery Hub Pantry serves as a community resource that is designed to assist parents with children ages 0-5 with limited economic means.  The Nursery Hub Pantry redistributes new and gently used baby hygienic items, infant feeding supplies, clothing, food, toys, furniture, etc.

F.E.R.N Initiative (Fathers Engaging Relentlessly in Neighborhoods)

F.E.R.N Initiative is designed to support fathers by providing resources and education that encourage the development of key life skills to enable economic and emotional support through an individualized plan that strengthens the father-child relationship.

Parent Education

The Parent Education Program is designed to strengthen the family unit by providing education and adequate resources that promote healthy parenting practices that include self-advocacy, effective communication, family routine, and positive disciplinary methods.

Cultural Education Program

The Cultural Education Program is designed to research, collect data and report findings in journals, workshops, lectures etc.   The Cultural Education program will offer exploratory mission trips to different cultural destinations throughout continental Africa delivering infant incubators.  This program will also tour museums and historical cultural destinations throughout the United States of America.

Social Service Referrals