Newark Community Leader ‘Makes It Her Business To Help’

By Eric Kiefer, Patch Staff

POSTED TUE, SEP 26, 2023 AT 8:03 AM ET


NEWARK, NJ — Without its community leaders, Newark wouldn’t hum along nearly as smoothly as it does. We’d miss their contributions in big and small ways.

Patch has partnered with T-Mobile to recognize these often unsung community leaders and celebrate their contributions.

This submission comes from Tameeka C. Walden, a Newark reader who nominated LaShanda Walker-Eley of the Newark-based Daraja of Love, Inc.


How do you know this community leader?

Daraja of Love, Inc.

What does this community leader do?

She and the organization do different charity work, providing to the residents things that are desperately needed. But also educating families on things like parenting, how to deal with finances, and being a pool of resources. Not only do she and her organizations work in New Jersey, but her organization is based in Africa as well.

Why do you believe the community leader should be recognized or honored?

The gifts she has to bring partners together, as well as her love for people. She is instilled with rising up and not leaving anyone behind. Mrs. Walker-Eley is a blessing to be a blessing

What’s one thing you want everyone to know about the community hero?

She does for people out of love, no matter who you are. If you are in need in any way, she makes it her business to help.