Meet Daraja of Love’s Co-Founders, who through hard work and perseverance established Daraja of Love as it is as we know it today.

Lashanda Walker-Eley

To know LaShanda Walker-Eley is to know loyalty. What better person to build a bridge with than someone who is committed to the task at hand.

With 25+ years of working with children and their families, LaShanda leads with an authentic passion for those in need. Her compassion proves evident in the countless educational and leisure programs orchestrated for her children.

LaShanda brings the perfect balance and combination of spirituality and academia. Rooted in her beliefs in God and her educational achievement of a Masters Degree in Human Services from Purdue University Global.

Maya Angelou may have written about the Phenomenal Women, but LaShanda embodies her attributes in the love she freely gives. What greater expression of love is there than those who are willing to be the bridge for another’s journey to paradise. Thus the birthing of Daraja of Love Inc. had taken place.


Demetrius Eley

Every community needs a protector of the vision. One endowed with the necessary: wisdom, humility and patience to bring it to a reality. Demetrius Eley is that guardian. With great reverence for the sacrifices of the ancestors, he accepted the challenge of birthing the vision of Daraja of Love Inc.

Demetrius brings 20+ years of diverse experience that includes: working with youth and families, providing guidance as a Spiritual Leader, and a reliable asset as an educator. With a B.A. in psychology, Demetrius is always enamored by the process one takes to arrive to an opinion or conclusion.

Using attention to detail, care and precision, Demetrius is always willing to meet a person where they are, just to be the bridge to what they need.

Demetrius is the bedrock that Daraja of Love Inc. will build upon, reliable, integral, and most of all, unfaltering when baring the weight of others.