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Top Questions


I am reaching out for assistance with a personal matter. I don’t know how to ask, how should I?
Answer: Daraja of Love has it’s very own “Ask For Assistance Form” located here.

How can I attend a Daraja of Love event and volunteer my time for the community?
Answer: We have a web page for that and you can apply for that right here!

Time Sensitive Information

I’m trying to reach out to donate goods for one of the Daraja of Love fundraisers I was unable to attend. Should I send an email here?
Answer: First call the hotline right away so that we can see what we can do about the goods that were not received in time, there still might be time for an arranged pickup to take place before the goods are distributed to the needy.

I want to reach out and speak with the co-founders about a joint-charity event between multiple charities. Would email be the quickest way to reach them or should I call?
Answer: Yes and No, a direct call is the quickest would be the quickest way to reach them. They may be preoccupied with other matters to and cannot answer the call. Furthermore there is also the chance that the mailbox may be full. However, an email is a great way to make sure that your message was received by Daraja of Love in case of this circumstance and will be reviewed eventually.

I want to reach out to Daraja of Love to see if they will sponsor a product during their charity event, should I email or call?
Answer: Calling Daraja of Love would be the quickest way to receive an answer and then sponsorship is dependant on the reliability of the product and the reputation of the sponsor.