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Together we will be “Bridging the Gap” providing necessities and resources, educational tools, skills and much more for the disadvantaged communities globally. You will receive notifications about exclusive projects, events, and updates accordingly.
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Daraja Of Love Inc. 
“Bridging The Gap.”

Bridge Building monthly meeting

Every first Monday of the month we hold our monthly Zoom meeting. This is to help us prepare for any upcoming events, tackle issues, and brainstorm ideas. Feel free to join to get a feel for the team and help out any way you can!

Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 910 6559 8498
Password: Daraja

Every 1st Monday of the month
@ 6:30pm

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If we think you are great match for our events we will reach out to you for additional screening. Besides those already screened we must make sure that those who represent DoL are all fit for community service. Finally expect a phone call from one of our members regarding volunteer work screening. 

Code of Conduct

We are proud of the reputation we have earned as an ethical and socially responsible non-profit. We have made significant progress across a large range of giving back to the community. Secondly, we recognize that there is always room for improvement. To maintain our high standards and to continue improving, we need to work hard and rely on one another to do the right thing every day. Making good choices is not always easy, especially in today’s complex socioethnic environment, and especially with the myriad of cultures and ideologies in which we assist in. Lastly for this reason, we must always be vigilant to do the right thing.